CAD Extends Radiologys Reach

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More, faster and better is the mantra of CAD today. Studies show that the accuracy of CAD is increasing in a variety of areas, and the industry is watching as vendors balance sensitivity and false-positive marks so as not to bog down image interpretation and accuracy. While many of the applications are seeking regulatory approval for use within the United States, some developers will be unveiling their next-generation product enhancements.

Carestream Health (Booth 8342) is showcasing CAD for CR-based mammography.  In addition to CAD for film-based mammography, Carestream is offering CAD software for its CR-based mammography platforms, as well as CAD software for other vendors’ full-field digital mammography (FFDM) systems. The CAD for CR and FFDM solutions are currently available for sale outside of the United States.

EDDA Technology (Booth 203) is rolling out its IQQA-Liver Enterprise, which provides a toolset for assessment of volumetry of liver, liver lobes and segments, hepatic lesions and vascular structures from multidetector CT.

The integration of computer analysis and the real-time interactive 2D/3D editing capabilities allows for volumetric evaluation. The system performs anatomic phase registration to allow visualization and cross-referencing of lesion location and characteristics across the different phases. IQQA-Liver provides automated segmentation tools and additional multiple real-time interactive tools for the segmentation and refinement of liver, vessels, lesions, liver lobes and segments. Quantitative measurements are extracted from segmented and labeled volumes.

The company’s IQQA Chest Enterprise offers a new-generation enterprise CAD solution for chest DR/CR, which provides a set of real-time interactive tools to support physicians in the identification, confirmation and quantification of lung nodules.
iCAD (Booth 6250) is launching new CAD analysis and clinical decision support tools that work in combination with CT and MRI.  The company also is showcasing its SecondLook CAD system for mammography which offers compatibility with full-field digital mammography solutions—both DR and CR.  The company is highlighting SecondLook Digital CAD for Fujifilm CR systems, which has received FDA approval. 

iCAD also is demonstrating its film digitizing solution, TotalLook MammoAdvantage (TLMA). iCAD’s mammography-specific digitizer, TLMA, offers improved image quality and image customization options to centers moving from analog to digital mammography.

Intuitive Imaging Informatics (Booth 4655) is featuring Mammography on Rational Imaging PACS which meets standards compliance requirements, including HIPAA, DICOM, IHE, HL7 and SQL.
For mammography reading on Rational Imaging PACS, the system employs templates laying out available series that are capable of displaying CAD overlays. The entire mammography reading process is handled using the number pad on the keyboard, or the computer mouse. Intuitive’s design has a methodology ensuring review of available image and CAD overlay.

Median Technologies
(Booth 9157) is showcasing its Median LMS—Lesion Management Solutions that include clinical applications for the management of cancerous or other suspicious lesions diagnosed in chest and abdominal CT scans. LMS applications include LMS-Liver, LMS-Lung/Track, LMS-Lung and LMS-Colon.

Median LMS-Lung and LMS-Liver assist the radiologist in all steps from lesion detection, measurement and follow-up to report generation for the referring physicians. LMS applications generate reports according to RECIST criteria used to evaluate the response to treatment of solid tumors. Median LMS-Colon, which is not yet FDA approved for sale in the U.S., is specialized for CT colonography interpretation.

Medicsight (Booth 4076) is highlighting its works-in-progress ColonCAD product that the company expects to be available for clinical use in the United States during the first half of 2009.

The software tool improves the accuracy and productivity of detecting polyps in the colon. By using an advanced CAD algorithm to review CT scan data and highlight specific regions of interest, Medicsight ColonCAD provides a valuable tool for reviewing clinicians to support their search for abnormalities within the colon.

Medipattern (Booth 5875) is introducing enhancements to its B-CAD breast imaging CAD solution. B-CAD brings a solution to breast ultrasound imaging that combines CAD with structured digital reporting. B-CAD v1.3,