California radiation overdose case with two-year-old settled
A settlement has been reached in a civil suit filed by the family of a two-year-old boy who was exposed to a massive dose of radiation when he underwent a series of CT scans in a California Hospital.

Attorney Don Stockett--who represents the child’s family--told Health Imaging News that the settlement between Mad River Community Hospital and the family of Jacoby Roth was filed last Friday in Humboldt Superior Court.

No details of the settlement were released.

According to published reports, the little boy was taken to the emergency room in January 2008 after falling out of bed. He had difficulty moving his head and the ER doctor ordered a CT scan of the boy’s spine. According to those reports, a radiology technician—who was later dismissed by the hospital--then proceeded to administered 151 scans over the course of 68 minutes, exposing the boy to a massive dose of radiation.