Calypso nets FDA approval of ?GPS for the Body? for prostatectomy patients
The FDA has cleared a new indication for the use of implantable Beacon electromagnetic transponders with the Calypso System in external beam radiation therapy from Calypso Medical.

Known as GPS for the Body, the Calypso System utilizes transponders to setup and continuously track the position of targeted tissue during radiation treatment without adding ionizing radiation, according to the Seattle-based company.

"We are extremely pleased to receive the FDA's quick decision on this clearance for expanded indications," says Eric R. Meier, CEO and president of Calypso. "Extending the clinical use of the Calypso System is vital for post-prostatectomy patients at risk or diagnosed with recurrent prostate cancer. This new indication broadens the spectrum of prostate cancer patients who will benefit from continuous target tracking during radiation therapy."