Camtronics offers full suite of cardiology imaging and information tools

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Camtronics – now a part of Emageon – this week launched its new HeartSuite, a collection of cardiovascular image and data tools designed to cover each component of a cardiology department’s functioning. The launch was made at ACC06 this week in Atlanta. HeartSuite includes a CVIS, Hemodynamics component, RadSuite Clinical, and the long-standing Vericis. This encompassing set of products has been made possible from the joining of Camtronics with Emageon, the companies said.
HeartSuite CVIS is designed to provide “everything you need to operate a department,” Camtronics said. And this means that it offers clinical/business management tools, and ways to access hemodynamic data, structured reports, department and physician scheduling, as well as dynamic visualization functions. Literally every piece of data that is available for a patient can be accessed through the CVIS. Considering that oft-used term ‘workflow’ the company has also made a big effort to minimize the number of screens a user has to have open in order to access information, and to reduce the number of key strokes needed to get to it.
The company made the analogy of its HeartSuite Hemodynamics being the “court stenographer of cardiology” at the conference. The system features an extremely intuitive touch-screen design which actually suggests to you the next button to push. Designed with “the finger in mind” the screen allows you to drag data to different areas of the system, and was built around workflow phases which the company has analyzed.
The Hemodynamics system grants users access to notes on hemodynamics, equipment usage, notes on physician activities, and general procedure data, among other things. The system was previously known as PhysioLog.