Candelis offers variety of storage appliances especially suited for imaging

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Candelis emphasized its storage and archive systems which have been especially designed for the medical community, and more specifically images, this week at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology in Atlanta. The company’s systems are DICOM-based storage server appliances which include certain select PACS-like functionalities which provide for a certain degree of image management for facilities that cannot afford a full PACS, or simply don’t want one.
ImageGrid 100 is the company’s 6 Terabyte (TB) storage appliance that can accept images from any modality, and includes features such as redundant power suppliers and fans; web-based administration for off-site support; and self-monitoring system capabilities in case of errors. The storage system also includes RAID 5 ‘hot swap’ which involves moving data to an available empty (but empty) disk in the case of a failure of one that is currently in use. This minimizes system downtime. Candelis expects to add web-based viewing of images for referring physicians in April.
The company also showed two other storage systems for smaller facilities. One is the ImageGrid 700 which is smaller with 1 and 2 TB configurations. The functionality is the same, and the system also can be upgraded in size. Another even smaller system – the ImageGrid 200 – will also be released in April. This is a PC tower-like appliance for small clinics with fewer and simpler storage needs.