Canon sees 1,500th DR install
Canon U.S.A Inc. hit the 1,500 install milestone for its DR (digital radiography) systems. The company made the mark by installing six systems at Riverside Medical Clinic in Southern California. 

Since 1997, Canon Medical Systems has introduced eight generations of flat panel sensors (the Canon CXDI-11/22, CXDI-31, CXDI-40G, CXDI-50G, CXDI-40C, CXDI-40EG, the CXDI-50C and the CXDI-40EC flat panel sensors), covering a range of applications.

Canon was the first in the industry to deliver a portable DR system in 2001. More recently the company has moved into more lightweight portable systems, with Canon CXDI-50G DR system, a large imaging area (17-inches x 14-inches) system designed for diverse applications including trauma and bedside exams.