Canon unveils three DR systems at AHRA
Canon unveiled three new digital radiography (DR) systems--the Canon CXDI-55G portable flat-panel detector, the Canon CXDI-55C portable flat-panel detector and the Canon CXDI-60C compact portable flat-panel detector at the 2009 meeting of the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) in Las Vegas this week. Additionally, Canon is showcasing its imagePRESS C1+ color printing solution with Virtual Imaging's Cypher DICOM print solution at the conference.

The Lake Success, N.Y.-based Canon said its CXDI-55G and CXDI-55C flat-panel detectors are thin flat-panel detectors, just 0.6 inches thick, the same thickness as a standard film cassette. With an imaging area of 14 x 17 inches, both models accommodate a variety of locations including skull, spine, chest, abdomen and extremity exam. Weighing 7.5 pounds each, the Canon CXDI-55G and CXDI-55C flat-panel detectors are used in trauma centers and intensive care units (ICUs).

The Canon CXDI-60C Lanmit detector technology weighs 5.5 pounds and is less than an inch think (0.9 inches). The Canon CXDI-60C flat-panel detector offers an imaging area of 9 x 11 inches. A detachable sensor cable enables room-to-room installation from multiple locations such as the patient's bedside or wheelchair, trauma or ICU (with an optional power box and PC) and fits into most neo-natal incubator trays. The Canon CXDI-55G, CXDI-55C and CXDI-60C flat-panel detectors feature a detachable sensor cable for transport and installation.

The imagePRESS C1+ color printing solution produces color prints for healthcare professionals. When combined with Cypher and utilized with Canon's portable DR systems and solutions or other modalities, the imagePRESS C1+ color printing solution can produce paper prints from any DICOM modality with a Print SCU capability. The imagePRESS C1+ color printing solution with Cypher can support DICOM compliant modalities and PACS.