Capintec launches two new products
Capintec featured two new products at the 2008 RSNA, its CapIMAGE Small Field of View Gamma Camera system and its Absorbed Dose Alert system.

The company said its CapIMAGE, designed for imaging small organs and body parts including the thyroid, parathyroid, extremities and gated cardiac studies, provides a small footprint with a highly versatile detector. The system also allows detailed images with rapid acquisition, processing and data storage via DICOM connectivity and is transportable.

The Absorbed Dose Alert system can measure and quantify internal organ burden after a radiologic event and perform assay and MCA functions, Capintec said. A module records demographic data, calculates BMI values, and selects the appropriate patient body type. Measurements may be performed at thyroid, outer thigh and back of the right lung; in addition, data are currently available for Co-60, Ir-192, Cs-137 and I-131 radiotracers, according to the company.