CardiArc opens $4 Million financing round

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CardiArc Inc. Tuesday announced it has opened a final round of financing which is planned to raise $4 million to expand the company’s operations and begin manufacturing its FDA-approved heart imaging system this fall. The company is currently in discussion with several potential manufacturers and will award a contract soon, according to a release.

The CardiArc SPECT Imaging System provides images of heart blood flow with up to three times the sharpness of other SPECT systems and up to 20 times more quickly, the company said.

The device is as small as an executive chair and has no visible moving parts. Patients sit upright, without rotating or holding arms over their heads, and scan times around two minutes or less, at physician discretion.

The CardiArc SPECT device has been specifically designed for use in outpatient settings and emergency rooms. It can pass through a standard 30-inch wide doorway, can be used in a six- by seven-foot exam room, requires no room modifications for installation or operation and uses U.S. or European standard voltage. Power consumption is less than 350 watts. The company said it is currently taking orders for the new camera.