Carestream aids tumor screening in Albania
Carestream Health is providing computed radiography solutions, printing systems and professional services to improve the Albanian public health system as part of an EU-funded screening project between Italy and Albania. The two countries will work together for the development of prevention, treatment and epidemiological observations for female tumors amongst the Albanian population.

Vincenzo Lattanzio, director of SARIS, the breast screening service in Bari Province in Italy, explains, “Our aim is to screen for cancers which affect women, those of the breast and uterus, by training Albanian radiology doctors and technicians in diagnosis. As it is not possible to undertake proactive screening in Albania by calling women to appointments, we are creating specialist units for asymptomatic patients volunteering for screening.”

Thirty Albanian healthcare professionals attended two training sessions at the SARIS Centre in Bari in 2007. During this time they worked on the ward with their respective Italian tutors gaining direct experience with patients and screening technology. Members of Carestream Health Professional Services were on hand to provide equipment and technical training.

Italian doctors monitor the progress with regular visits to the Albanian sites and future cooperation will involve remote diagnostic consultations with Italy, according to Carestream.