Carestream captures Green Bay Packers as CR client
Personnel of the NFL's Green Bay Packers can now capture and view medical images of injured players using a Kodak Directview Classic CR system from Carestream Health.

Athletic trainers and physicians can complete an entire imaging exam and view it on a workstation to determine the severity of an injury, how to treat it and whether the player can return to the game, according to the company.

The Packers also installed a workstation for image viewing and short-term storage, a laser printer and a CD burner. In the future, the Packers also plan to electronically transmit imaging studies to orthopedic specialists and physicians in remote locations, Carestream said.

"Having immediate access to a digital image is a huge advantage when we need to make decisions about whether a player can return to the game," said Pepper Burruss, the team's head athletic trainer.