Carestream debuts CR, DR upgrade program
Carestream has launched an Extend Program to equip users to upgrade existing Carestream DRX and Directview CR and DR systems.

The program includes software and hardware upgrades and features that support specialty applications such as enabling CR systems to perform mammography exams and adding long-length imaging (including stitching software) for orthopedic exams. An IEC exposure index allows technologists to see if they are within the exposure range prior to performing a patient exam and management software helps imaging providers meet regulatory requirements for dose reporting.

A DICOM Modality worklist feature transfers patient and exam data from the HIS/RIS system to eliminate manual data entry. The imaging system also can notify the HIS/RIS of exam status.

Updated administrative analysis and reporting software delivers a digital dashboard of performance metrics for all Carestream CR and DR imaging systems to help managers analyze results and identify areas that need improvement.

The company said that other new features include:
  • Capability to create a companion image (from the original exposure) for pneumothorax visualization that accentuates the appearance of free air in the chest cavity;
  • An ICU package with a companion image feature for improved visualization of tubes and lines; and
  • Pediatric image optimization and enhancement software and pediatric quality package to verify image quality of CR cassettes and DR detectors as well as the system’s administrative analysis and reporting software.