Carestream launches latest PACS platform

Carestream Health has released its newest PACS platform that contains upgrades to its native and integrated clinical applications, which will be on display at the Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) meeting next week in Denver. 

The company said its Carestream PACS offers a web-based, thin-client architecture that equips users to access the preferences and tools for diagnostic and clinical reading anywhere, anytime. Native applications for the platform include 3D, vessel and cardiac analysis along with tools for evaluating mammography images.

The clinical applications available with the new Carestream PACS include:

  • Mammography: Display of multiple-vendor images at the same physical size for comparisons; scaling of breast tissue to fit the viewing window; skinline detection that includes the pectoral muscle; support of look-up-tables; unread image alert; integration of IBM Sametime for radiologist/technologist communication; and faster loading of images through updated workstation software.
  • OrthoView pre-operative planning and templating: Improved fracture management; a new limb deformity correction module; total shoulder replacement planning; new scoliosis assessment tools and additional measurement tools.
  • Image FusionXD: Complementary to Image Fusion7D, the application features the ability to view up to three time-points simultaneously; concurrent viewing of PET/CT and overlay views; reading of minimum, maximum or average standard uptake value for any region of interest; and crosshairs that are bound across views and time points.
  • Viatronix V3D-Colon: Includes electronic cleansing; translucency tool; missed region tracking; undistorted dissected segments; adjustable field of view for 3D fly-through; audit trail and improved reporting.

Carestream said its newest PACS can support a multi-site workflow community through a global worklist and central database, a single desktop with integrated clinical applications and streaming to expedite remote reading and transcription.