Carestream releases an expanded information management platform
Carestream Health has released its newest version of Kodak Carestream Information Management Solutions (IMS), which will be available worldwide by the end of June.

The expanded platform offers healthcare providers convenient viewing of medical imaging exams and other types of patient documents, in addition to managing and storing these files through a centralized database, according to Carestream.

The newest IMS upgrade enables clinicians to view patient data and images from any location through a virtual desktop, according to the company. For example, laboratory and pathology reports, video files and other patient data can be viewed side-by-side with DICOM imaging studies. The simplified access to patient data can enhance the diagnostic process and simultaneously deliver improved productivity since clinicians no longer need to go to several locations to view different types of files.

Carestream said its IMS platform incorporates standards such as the XDS protocol in addition to existing support of HL7 to receive and store reports together with clinical patient data and other documents from clinical information systems.

The company said the platform also allows stringent controls on viewing of patient information.