Carestream taking orders for multi-modality breast imaging workstation
Carestream Health announced at SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I., it is taking orders for the latest version of its multi-modality breast imaging workstation, which will be available by the end of the month. The Kodak Carestream Mammography Workstation also features integration of Confirma CADSTREAM software for breast MRI exams and Cedara B-CAD software for breast ultrasound exams.
The workstation features include:
  • The ability to efficiently view digital CAD markers that have been applied to digital mammography images. These markers can be turned on and off and healthcare facilities can elect to save imaging studies with or without CAD markers, as dictated by their own protocols;
  • Integration of breast MRI and ultrasound CAD software from other vendors to aid in the identification of tumors and lesions;
  • An image map to allow the user to quickly identify what part of the image is currently visible on the display;
  • Mirrored annotations that can be displayed for comparison views so that the tissue area remains unobstructed during display and printing;
  • Tissue invert and window/level -- tissue invert allows breast tissue pixels to be inverted while leaving background pixels unchanged. Window and level adjustments can also be made while the background remains unchanged. Both features provide enhanced visualization of breast anatomy;
  • A chest wall justification tool that automatically pans mammography images so that the chest wall is against the edge of the display window to improve staff productivity and prevent the need for manual adjustments; and
  • Improved intelli-zoom to divide a mammography image into a minimum number of segments to allow viewing of the entire image at 1:1 resolution in a sequence of steps. 
Carestream Health markets the mammography workstation for use with a variety of PACS platforms. Digital general radiology exams can also be displayed on the workstation to support multi-use environments.