Carestream unveils first wireless DR detector
Carestream wireless DR detector to be available in early 2009. Source: Carestream  
Carestream Health has released a wireless digital radiography (DR) detector that is the size of a standard cassette and can be used with existing wall stand- or table-based buckys.

The Carestream DRX-1 system incorporates a console and a wireless 14- x 17-inch cassette-size DR detector that provides conversion for users of radiographic film or computed radiography (CR) systems, requiring no modifications to existing analog equipment, according to Carestream. The DRX-1 system also delivers preview images in less than five seconds.

The company also said its wireless detector can be used wherever it is needed—with the wall stand bucky, table bucky, or for tabletop shots and other difficult views.  

The Carestream DRX-1 system, currently a work in progress, is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2009, according to the company.