Carestream unveils latest digital radiography system
Carestream Health has introduced the Kodak DirectView DR 3500, a compact digital radiography system for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, outpatient imaging centers and clinics that serve orthopedic specialists and other physicians. The new system is available worldwide.

The DR 3500 system replaces the DR 3000 platform, and its new capabilities include:
  • Optional pre-programmed auto-positioning;
  • Auto-collimator enhancements including field size and filter are pre-programmed for each projection, or the settings can be modified by the operator;
  • Optional remote control adjusts collimator settings and can activate pre-programmed positions; and
  • Patient positioning enhancements include a support bar for lateral chest exams and patient handles on the bucky.
The device is also fully motorized with a floor-mounted stand that does not require wall mounts or ceiling suspension provisions.