Cedara Software brings new orthopaedic planning tool
Cedara Software introduced a new orthopaedic package dubbed OrthoWorks ProPlanner, which features several automated functions for planning of common orthopaedic procedures.

ProPlanner technology is built to facilitate digital images into the orthopaedic surgery planning phase. Combining image manipulation and automation with an architecture designed for integration and customization according to OEM specifications, the system has application in joint arthroscopy, trauma, deformity correction and other procedures. ProPlanner also supports surgical planning, templating, archiving and distribution.

Automating workflow features include: image stitching that enables users to fuse multiple images, visualize them as one unified whole and take measurements; common measurements for hip templating are automatically determined without requiring any user input; and reporting – the system automatically populates reports with key images, measurements, templated implants and patient demographics.

The system also supports digital CAD-based templates from all major implant manufacturers. Additionally, OrthoWorks ProPlanner is also a C4-enabled application, meaning that it enables modular integration of clinical applications with minimal impact on the host software.