Cerner demonstrates hospital room of tomorrow
Cerner Corp. demonstrated a state-of-the-art hospital room at HIMSS07 in New Orleans last week. The room featured one monitor connected to all care providers as well as offering TV, movies on demand and video games through a Playstation Xbox. The “Smart Room” powered by the CareAware architecture, allows for integration of multiple devices with the EMR. The Smart Room is the intersection of a variety of innovative technologies including RFID, patient beds, medical bedside device, patient communication, information and entertainment. The room was designed to be patient-centric but providers benefit from increased efficiency and better informed and more responsive patients.

There are very few wires in the room, with everything designed to be wireless or directly connected to the EMR, said Todd Churchill, senior architect. Also, the badges providers wear signal the system to update the screen to display only the information that provider is authorized to see. The monitor includes schedules, menus, education and more and all patient selections are logged into the chart.

The system is currently being demonstrated at two hospitals. Churchill said Cerner has heard from hospitals of all sizes that want to improve the patient experience.

Also at HIMSS07, Cerner partnered with 25 of its 6,000 clients worldwide to showcase HIT solutions. Cerner clients showed booth HIMSS attendees how Cerner Millenium solutions have yielded clinical, operational and financial benefits for a variety of patient scenarios.

The company released Cerner Millennium 2007 last fall, incorporating feedback from more than 100 clinicians at client sites. Cerner Millennium, the company’s unified software architecture, combines technology with knowledge to allow healthcare professionals to service the entire continuum of a patient’s care – from check-in through treatment, remitting of bills and follow-up care – all through a single, connected information system. At each point of care, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, billing agents and all involved healthcare professionals have secure access to the role-appropriate and venue-appropriate information they need.