CHCF releases evaluation of healthcare costs
The California Healthcare Foundation (CHCF) has released the 3rd edition of its Health Care Costs 101 presentation which provides a useful visual snapshot of national healthcare spending trends in the United States.
The report offers interesting healthcare spending-related tidbits such as a breakdown of healthcare expenditures by sector, with private covering 55 percent of the tab and public 45 percent; the fact that one in ten healthcare dollars is used for prescription medications; and households are the single largest contributor to healthcare spending at 32 percent, outpacing the federal government.

The presentation is based primarily on National Health Expenditures data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The slides break down spending by type of service and spotlight growth in, for example, hospital services and prescription drugs. One new feature includes an examination of how contributions from households, business, and government combine to finance both public and private health coverage.
CHCF also provides a brief reference guide with key data points in a one-page summary format.
Click the below links to access Health Care Costs 101 and the Reference Guide:

Snapshot: Health Care Costs 101, 2006 Edition

Quick Reference Guide