Children's Hospital Boston introduces portable CT scanning
Children’s Hospital Boston is using CereTom from NeuroLogica Corp. for portable CT imaging of pediatric patients. The CereTom will be used in the ICU, and eventually in the OR and radiology departments to help facilitate rapid head, neck and even full-body CT scans for neonates.

“The portability of the CereTom allows us to bring the imaging technology to the patient rather than the other way around,” says Jeffrey Burns, MD, MPH, chief of Critical Care Medicine. “We no longer need to transport some of these patients to the larger hospital CT scanner, which is better for the patients and reduces the stress and anxiety for both patients and parents.”

Doctors will now be able to scan the most critical patients in the Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit because the CereTom is brought right to the bedside of the child. Many children in the MSICU would otherwise not be able to have CT imaging performed because the severity of their illness prohibits them from being transported to the hospital’s standard CT scanner several floors away. The CereTom allows physicians to produce necessary scans of the child or newborn with minimal movement, which is often critical for their health and survival.