Chuck Norris vs. gadolinium enters new round

The actor and martial-arts expert Chuck Norris is kicking hard at gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs). Following up on earlier alarms he and his wife, Gena, sounded after she got sick, Norris has published a new column at the politically partisan website World Net Daily.

This time the focus is on pediatric applications, and there’s a link to a stop-gadolinium petition.

It’s an impassioned plea, although Norris may hurt his case with some information that seems selectively cited and some that’s clearly outdated. For example, he writes that the FDA “has known about the potential adverse affects [sic] of GBCAs for a long time, but it did nothing about it.”

In fact, the FDA has been closely monitoring GBCAs and is still doing so. This spring, the agency released the results of a two-year investigation and said it will remain both watchful and open to new evidence.

Regardless, Norris seems determined not to lose this fight. “We must cry out and voice our concerns about gadolinium poisoning from sea to shining sea,” he writes.

Read the piece: