Cisco, Philips, and Emergin to partner on patient monitoring
Cisco Systems through a partnership with Philips Medical Systems and Emergin announced this week at HIMSS 2006 a new partnership to deliver a new patient monitoring system. The system will let healthcare providers receive mobile medical alarms, such as electrocardiogram alerts on a wireless device, to assist them in patient care, the companies said in a release.

Through working with these partners, the Cisco Clinical Connection Suite Patient Monitoring solution delivers the health information via a Cisco Wireless IP Phone 7920 carried by a user. The data is sent via waveform snippets and text messages to phone from the Philips IntelliVue patient monitoring system via the Emergin Patient Monitoring Gateway.

The system allows caregivers to remain mobile while they continue receiving critical patient data. Though the primary alarming mechanism remains at the patient's bedside monitor or an associated central station, the additional waveform information enables assessments to begin earlier.

The Cisco Clinical Connection Suite consists of four integrated clinical solutions -- Nurse Call, Patient Monitoring, Location-Based Services and Collaborative Care -- that direct, locate and prioritize information for clinicians and their patients, aiding faster, smarter healthcare. As a result, hospitals realize improved staff productivity, reduced capital and operating costs with extended systems, and a significantly enhanced quality of care and services.