CMT focuses on FlexiRAD
CMT Medical Technologies showcased its work-in-progress, the FlexiRAD, for the first time in the United States at RSNA 2006. It features a CR reader and dedicated software that enables full integration of the CR reader with the SmartRAD DR’s working environment. All general radiology activities are done on the SmartRAD’s workstation for CR images, alongside the DR images obtained by the Pixium 4600 flat panel detectors. The use of a CR cassette in combination with a DR system is useful whenever an exposure position cannot be provided by the SmartRAD’s fixed detectors, such as an emergency department where patients have restricted movement. The portability of the panel enhances the SmartRAD’s abilities and turns it into a three-detector system. Despite the ability to change exposure parameters on the spot and reach all positions, to the radiologist in the reading room, it’s all the same, says Jacob Heit, director of marketing.

Another work-in-progress CMT showcased was the SmartSPOT PrimaX FPD, a premium digital R/F and angiography imaging solution, based on state-of-the-art Pixium 4700 Flat Panel Detector by Trixell. The SmartSPOT PrimaX FPD is equipped with a user-friendly Graphic User Interface and is capable of performing all clinical R/F
and DSA procedures. It is offered for OEM application.

Another new feature for the SmartSPOT PrimaX product line is LFH (Last Fluoro Hold) which enables dynamic storage of the last fluoroscopy sequence. The stored sequence is available online for repeated viewing and storing. It provides superior images in certain VCUG examinations. It also reduces fluoroscopy time and eliminates the need for repeat runs of dynamic physiological processes.