CoActiv adds pediatric assessment capability to EXAM-PACS
CoActiv Medical this week announced the integration of EXAM-PACS with the latest version of OrthoView 3.0, which adds a Pediatric Assessment Module (PAM), an all-inclusive set of tools and wizards that allow the accurate assessment of congenital deformities in infants and children.

OrthoView's orthopedic digital imaging system allows orthopedic surgeons to pre-plan surgical procedures using templates for knees, hips and other joints, and is now equipped to assess the special requirements for pediatric pre-operative planning. The integrated system includes a variety of tools to position and record angles, lines and measurements, including Hilgenreiner's Line, Perkins' Line, Acetabular Angle, Iliac Angle, Centre Edge Angle, Reimer Migration Index, Trans-Teardrop Line and Sharp's angle.

Additionally, OrthoView gives doctors the ability to map-out and notate a surgical procedure in a digital environment where the surgical planning record, the original diagnostic digital image and the detailed templating tools are all combined and automatically saved within the original exam for future reference.

According to CoActiv, EXAM-PACS and OrthoView now provide a complete PACS for orthopedic practices and gives hospitals and imaging centers the versatility to provide orthopedic templating.