CoActiv debuts RT data viewing, storage platform
CoActiv introduced its Exam-RT Archive, a digital viewing, archiving and retrieval platform for radiation therapy-related data, including CT images, cone beam images, CMS radiation therapy plans and DICOM-RT data files, at the 50th annual meeting of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) last week in Boston.

According to Ed Heere, president and CEO, the new functionality supports all seven DICOM-RT extensions and for the first time enables digital storage in a single unified patient information file.

“Radiation therapy departments historically have been saving this data in different locations and formats, with no integrated plan, and often using less than optimal and even non-HIPAA-compliant technology,” Heere said. “Tracking and assembling this patient data has been inefficient and has left significant potential for data loss or error.”

“We decided that we wanted to be able to handle the entire DICOM data set, not just the images and DICOM-RT is a subset that includes vital patient information that is stored as a DICOM object,” Heere said. He noted that the archive is compatible with all major RT hardware and IT systems.

With CoActiv’s Exam-RT, RT facilities can share the same archive and patient demographic information as a radiology PACS, as well as other healthcare IT systems.

The company also offers functionalities such as built-in 3D image processing and an optional integrated RIS, he said.