Commissure releases new speech-reporting tool
Commissure launched RadWhere Peer Review, the latest module to its RadWhere structured speech-reporting solution. This release follows release of the American College of Radiology’s peer review accreditation requirement and the implementation of the ACR’s new physician peer review program, RADPEER.

All sites applying for or renewing ACR facility accreditation are required to implement RADPEER or another ACR-compliant system such as RadWhere Peer Review. According to the ACR, the qualifying program must include, among other requirements, a peer review process that allows for regular, random selection of studies for review; double reading by two radiologists; a four-point scoring scale; quality improvement policies; and summary statistical data for each physician by modality. RadWhere Peer Review is completely ACR-compliant and closely mirrors the RADPEER system and can optionally connect to the eRADPEER site hosted by the ACR.

The vision for peer review begins with a radiologist’s interpretation of a current imaging exam, such as plain-film x-ray, CT, ultrasound, or MR scan. During the interpretation, the radiologist may review a previous study of the same area of interest and form an opinion about the earlier exam. Using an ACR-compliant peer review application to score the exam, based on the radiologist’s opinion, constitutes a peer review event.

According to Commissure CEO Michael Mardini, RadWhere Peer Review is “fully integrated into the reporting process. Moreover, RadWhere Peer Review’s connectivity to RIS systems allows for automated extraction of modality and patient demographics, including age, gender, classification, etc.”

RadWhere Peer Review also tracks the denomination of cases read by each radiologist. This enables the application to invoke the required peer review process, keeping proper statistics. The application also offers the ability to use Leximer to quantify the pathology and findings in a case in which the radiologist misses, thus creating the ability to direct the educational intervention required.