Communication and training improves individuals and the workplace
Communicating in the imaging department can be a challenge for the radiology and IT staffs. Ann L. Scherzinger, PhD, associate professor, Department of Radiology, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, presented “Communications and Training” to stress the importance working well with each other and education on the job. Her presentation was part of the yesterday’s pre-conference symposium at SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I. Looking at workflow, Scherzinger said “the best time to do a workflow is before you buy your system.” She outlined imaging department task, staffing, workflow, and worklists. With those comes a common language and study codes. She asked, “What do IT people need to know about anatomy?” and when on to present a series of images describing positioning, views, and image planes.
Training and learning was described crucial in the imaging workplace. Scherzinger said, “adults want to learn…want to do better to provide better service.” She noted that training in the workplace is different and adults have different learning styles. There are three types of learners: hands-on, auditory; and visual. For each type, a different style of teaching is appropriate. Hands-on learn by doing; auditory learners like to listen and talk about it; and visual people like lots of hand-outs and a variety of visual technology.

With communication and training also comes the understanding that workflow is dynamic. “Don’t assume you won’t have to change anything,” she said.