CompuGroup to offer PHR
The German federal state of Rhineland-Palatina will offer all its newborn infants a smartcard-based personal health record (PHR) on the internet, in a project beginning 2008. The project, E-PA Junior (an acronym for elektronische Patientenakte, the German word for “electronic patient record”) is being developed by healthcare information technology firm CompuGroup.

The Koblenz, Germany-based company will supply the PHR and the smartcard to children for free until they reach six of years of age. Afterwards, the PHR will be free for another ten years, provided that at least one parent uses and pays for a CompuGroup PHR, which currently is priced at 5 euros ($6.90, U.S.) per month.

The project is believed to be the first time that a web-based PHR will be offered across an entire German region. Rhineland-Palatina is a mid-size federal state with a population of 4 million and a birth rate of around 32,000 children per year.