CompuMed demonstrates DICOM OsteoGram
Medical informatics company CompuMed demonstrated at RSNA 2006 last month its DICOM OsteoGram in tandem with imaging systems from several major vendors.

The OsteoGram system has applications across many digital platforms, and was featured in at the show in conjunction with digital radiography (DR), computed radiography (CR) and digital mammography systems from CompuMed licensing partners including the Eastman Kodak Company, Fujifilm Medical Systems USA and Swissray International.

The DICOM OsteoGram represents the latest advancement to CompuMed's software-based imaging system for screening, diagnosing and monitoring osteoporosis. It uses a digital image derived from filmless x-ray equipment to enable clinicians to perform accurate and precise osteoporosis testing.

"Coupling the OsteoGram with digital mammography has the potential to be an especially winning combination,” said CompuMed CEO Jerry McLaughlin. “Imagine that women could obtain a bone density test at the same time and on the same equipment as their mammogram.”