Computerized Physician Order Entry System
Medicalis highlighted at SCAR its Percipio paperless enterprise online scheduling suite of products and services that provide real-time clinical advice to physicians when they make a decision about patient care by ordering tests, treatments or therapies. Percipio prolongs the cycle of on-line & real-time order placement (including evidence-based decision support for clinical appropriateness and for reimbursement), multi-site scheduling, risk management, result review and follow-up.

Percipio supports a patient-centered care, and empowers physicians and care providers to make informed judgments at the point of care. Documented guidelines are provided interactively within the context of the physician-patient interaction. These evidence-based suggestions are provided as a support to the clinician's decision, and can be accepted or ignored. They are continuously selected and updated by the Medicalis Clinical Advisory Board, a group of medical experts from leading academic institutions.

In addition, Percipio features a Dynamic Evidence-Based Decision-Support with a patented medical management concept. Structured results from prior similar orders are encoded in a de-identified warehouse, and can be dynamically analyzed. The physician is prompted in real-time of the potential appropriateness of the test he is considering, based on the outcome of those priors.