Cone Instruments
Cone Instruments (Booth 3211) is introducing the Accu-Right CT scanning orientation device, a fail-safe method of labeling the right side of CT images. Developed by a neuroradiologist, the Accu-Right CT marker is placed adjacent to the patient prior to obtaining the CT scan. The marker consists of a three-dimensional radiopaque tubular structure that has the profile of the letter “R,” so that when scanned in cross section a two dimensional “R” symbol is created within the CT images. The marker is held in position by an attachment point built into the right side of a pair of eyeglass frames. The eyeglass frames can only be worn one way, so the R marker can only be scanned into the right side of the image. Regardless of how the image is displayed or manipulated, the “R” marker remains adjacent to the true right side of the patient because the marker is within the image and is not an external annotation of the image.