Connecticut community wins $3 million software grant
The Center for Community Health Leadership, an initiative sponsored by Misys Healthcare Systems, has selected Greater New Haven, Conn., for a grant of healthcare software valued at $3 million. The community will be the first community to receive grants of electronic health record (EHR) software to establish a community-wide network of connected medical organizations. The grants are available to healthcare professionals in New Haven and surrounding towns interested in participating in the initiative. The Hospital of Saint Raphael, a large teaching hospital in New Haven, played a major role championing the application process for the grant, and will be an active leader advancing this initiative in the New Haven area.
"The goal of this grant program is to provide local healthcare organizations with the resources and expertise they need to make community-wide data sharing a reality," said Leigh Burchell, director of the Center for Community Health Leadership. "With this grant, we will provide healthcare professionals in southern Connecticut with education, technology and resources so that they can successfully achieve their goals of enhancing the patient experience, reducing the potential for medical errors and improving business efficiencies."

"The healthcare professionals in our community are very pleased that New Haven has been selected for this large grant from the Center for Community Health Leadership," said John Drury, MD, chief medical information officer for the Hospital of Saint Raphael. "Through this grant, New Haven's physicians and nurses across all healthcare settings will have the latest electronic record technology at their fingertips, helping us deliver the best care possible in the most efficient way to the patients we serve."

The area's reputation for healthcare excellence, a strong commitment to data sharing exhibited by the physicians and nurses in the area, and their interest in electronically connecting all settings of care were cited as reasons for New Haven's selection.

Misys Healthcare Systems launched the Center in June 2006 to spearhead the widespread adoption of electronic health records on a local community level. The grant program accepted applications through the end of 2006 from interested communities across the country, as well as regional healthcare organizations including hospitals, physician offices and homecare agencies. In addition to pledging a donation of up to $10 million in healthcare IT software to grant recipients, Intel and other partners will further assist grant recipients in the successful installation, training and operation of healthcare technologies. Additional communities will be named as grant recipients by the Center for Community Health Leadership later in the year.

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