ContextVision's GOPView iRVPlus adaptive image enhancement and dose reduction software for interventional radiology  
ContextVision (Booth 1545) is launching GOPView iRVPlus, an adaptive image enhancement and dose reduction software solution for interventional radiology.

GOPView iRVPlus represents a new mode of interventional radiology where real-time image quality can be achieved with a dose reduction of up to one third the normal dose, the company says. Overall dose levels can be decreased, which minimizes exposure of both patients and medical staff, the company says.

GOPView iRVPlus relies on an adaptive algorithm, GOP, which mimics the human eye’s method of finding information and analyzing structures. This enables the software to distinguish between true and false information (such as noise and artifacts) and accurately identify true structures. The filtering and enhancement process is applied to each pixel and all individual frames, which allows different interventional procedures to achieve customized enhancement without any temporal blurring. GOP technology can be used with MRI, x-ray and ultrasound systems.