ContextVision unveils real-time volumetric ultrasound tool
ContextVision is introducing GOPiCE US, a real-time volumetric filtering software for ultrasound, this week at the 2009 American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) annual conference in New York City.

The image enhancement product filters 3D ultrasound volumes, removing speckle and other artifacts, while simultaneously extending the clinician's vision to planes previously hidden, ContextVision said. Additionally, GOPiCE minimizes processing time: it leverages the speed of graphics processing units (GPUs), processing up to 24 volumes per second at 128x128x128 pixels or 40 volumes in single planar reconstruction mode, according to the company.

GOPiCE US relies on an adaptive algorithm, GOP, which mimics the human eye's method of finding information and analyzing structures. This enables the software to distinguish between true and false information (e.g. noise, artifacts) and accurately identify true structures, according to Jan Erik Hedborg, CEO of ContextVision.