Contracts: Digi-Data provides solution for Southeast Alabama Medical Center
Digi-Data Corporation announced its storage solution for the Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan, Ala., the scalable T-2000 controller installed by LH Computer Services. The medical center previously used tape technology to back up its 40-plus terabytes of managed data, which took an entire day to recover on the facility’s servers.

LH Computer Services rectified that situation by installing a dual Digi-Data T-2000 controller with a 48-bay Serial ATA drive enclosure, and delivering high-capacity, high-performance storage over Just a Bunch of Disks (JBOD) arrays. The T-2000, scaleable to support up to 840 drives per cluster with a small 1u footprint, is designed for secondary storage, fixed content and utility storage.

The Digi-Data solution allows the medical center to store one set of data on tape and the other on the Digi-Data disk array loaded with 22 TB of data. The Digi-Data storage is attached to a secondary IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server (TSM), configured as a remote pool. The TSM replicates the entire contents of the medical center’s primary TSM server each day. Using this new disk-based system along with TSM, the recovery of servers is now less than two hours - a 75 percent time savings.

“We are now able to go back to point-in-time recovery within 14 days and we are looking to expand it to 30-35 days,” says Clyde Williams, infrastructure systems manager for Southeast Alabama Medical Center.