Contracts: Fujifilm, IDC, Neurognostics, Neurognostics, Neurostar, NovaRad
Fujifilm Medical Systems USA Inc. said that Altru Health System, the second largest integrated delivery network (IDN) in North Dakota, has selected Fujifilm digital radiography (FDR) and computed radiography (FCR) for its transition from film to digital x-ray technology at its flagship hospital in Grand Forks, N.D. The custom solution was developed for Altru after an extensive evaluation by Fujifilm of the health system's clinical needs.

Altru Hospital has installed three of Fujifilm's Dual SpeedSuite DR systems - one each in its orthopedics department, main radiology department and outpatient clinic. A fully integrated digital room replacement, the Dual SpeedSuite pairs the high-speed Fuji DR table and upright systems with x-ray equipment for a functionally-integrated digital room. The Dual SpeedSuite offers a number of advantages including high throughput, intuitive controls, and features to meet the requirements of bariatric imaging.

Imaging Dynamics Company has been named the preferred digital radiography (DR) system provider in the East Central and Northern Lights Health Regions of Alberta. Along with this designation, IDC has received an initial order for three DR systems.

Neurognostics recently installed their functional MR imaging (fMRI) suite of products and services at University of Southern California, giving this institution the ability to map important cognitive and sensorimotor brain functions for research and presurgical planning purposes.

The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has selected the Neurostar Virtual Radiology Network (VRN) to provide Internet-based data communications for its novel Tele3D Advantage image processing service. Clients of the MGH 3D service will use the VRN to send images to MGH. Once processed by skilled MGH professionals, the reconstructed images will be returned to clients, often during the same day, using VRN technology and standard internet infrastructure.  

NovaRad Corporation announced recent NovaPACS contract agreements with diagnostic imaging centers in Idaho and Louisiana.

The latest centers to select NovaPACS are Diagnostic Imaging Services of Idaho in Pocatello, Idaho, and Laborde Diagnostics, Lafayette, La.