Cordis unit to supply catheters for Gamida Cell CV clinical trial
Gamida Cell and Cordis’ unit Biologics Delivery Systems have formed an agreement, so that Biologics will supply catheters for the upcoming phase I/II clinical trial of Gamida’s CardioCure product for the treatment of post-MI patients.

The Jerusalem-based Gamida said its CardioCure is an ex-vivo expanded autologous bone marrow product.

The company said its clinical trial, which will be conducted in Israel, is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of CardioCure. The product will be injected directly into the myocardium of 48 heart attack patients using the latest generation of Biologics Delivery Systems’ NOGA cardiac navigation system and MyoStar injection catheter.

“The NOGA XP cardiac navigation system is a highly sophisticated and accurate electro-guided methodology, which creates precise, 3D images of the heart. This will enable us to identify damaged myocardial tissue and accurately deliver the CardioCure injections into the relevant area in order to assist with functional restoration of the damaged heart,” said principal investigator Ran Kornowski, MD, director of interventional cardiology and cardiac cath laboratories at the Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, Israel.

Gamida Cell develops treatments for debilitating and often fatal illnesses such as cancer, cardiac disease and peripheral vascular disease, and uses human stem cells from umbilical cord blood and bone marrow.