Creating the Enterprise PACS Success Story

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Sally Grady has served as director of imaging services at Florida Hospital-Celebration Health for seven years. Florida Hospital-Celebration is part of Florida Hospital, a seven-hospital system which includes seven hospitals and 14 walk-in medical centers. It is owned by the Adventist Health System. Florida Hospital is the largest Medicare provider and ranked No. 1 in inpatient admissions with more than 1 million admissions in 2004. Imaging volume stands at 800,000 exams annually.

Florida Hospital-Celebration Health opened its doors in 1998 as a state-of-the-art facility designed to trial new equipment. Agfa Healthcare's IMPAX™ and CR solutions were selected as the core imaging solutions for the new digital campus. The remaining campuses deployed IMPAX over the next year.

Florida Hospital-Celebration Health is in a major expansion mode. The system currently contains 1,776 beds with 600 beds slated to be added in the next few years. The main campus will add 300 beds, and the remaining 300 will be split among other campuses. The main hospital is building a new 14-story bed tower, which will house a state-of-the-art cardiac center, and several outlying campuses will add new bed towers.

Florida Hospital currently offers a full scope of imaging services across the enterprise, including computed radiography, digital mammography and PET-CT. The system plans to deploy two more PET-CT scanners, several additional 16-slice CT scanners and two 64-slice scanners over the next two years, with the first 64-slice CT scanner in central Florida set to arrive at Celebration Health late this month.

Over the last seven years, Grady has partnered with Agfa to deliver comprehensive enterprise solutions designed to meet the needs of all healthcare customers - including radiologists, clinicians and patients. Florida Hospital-Celebration Health relies on a variety of Agfa solutions for radiology, outpatient imaging, orthopedics and women's care. One outpatient imaging center uses Agfa CR and IMPAX, and a freestanding Women's Center uses IMPAX to view ultrasound images. The Women's Center also relies on the new Agfa IMPAX Embrace mammography workstation for digital mammography viewing. Other applications include the deployment of Agfa CR and IMPAX in a very busy orthopedic surgery practice. And finally, the hospital system relies on the IMPAX WEB1000 as its web-based image distribution solution.

The result of the comprehensive, high-quality approach to digital imaging is seamless access to data and images with a single repository for the seven hospitals and one outpatient center, the Women's Center and an orthopedic office.

Sally Grady discusses the ins and outs of enterprise image management

What results has Florida Hospital realized since implementing Agfa's IMPAX PACS solutions?
One of the initial benefits with IMPAX was the ability to provide 24/7 coverage at all campuses. Radiologists staff the main campus 24/7, but outlying campuses are covered from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. With IMPAX, any images taken on night or weekends at outlying campuses are seamlessly transmitted to the main campus for interpretation. Results are available within six to eight hours for general work and usually within 15 minutes for Emergency Department exams at all campuses.

Florida Hospital deployed Agfa's WEB1000 solution in early 2000. How has WEB1000 fueled additional improvements?
The WEB1000 has benefited our referring physician population. For example, neurosurgeons typically rotate among our campuses and other sites. WEB1000 allows them to view images on the web from other campuses, providing instant anytime/anywhere access to the information to make clinical decisions such as transferring a patient to another site.

Orthopedic surgeons report other benefits. With WEB1000, an orthopedic physician can log onto the system using his electronic token to view the images from home, enabling him to review the case and eliminating the late-night drive to the hospital for the sole purpose of viewing images.

WEB1000 also facilitates consultation between clinicians and radiologists. Last year, a referring physician came to me in a panic, demanding a radiologist consult at 5:45 pm. We logged onto an IMPAX workstation to view the images and consulted with the late-duty radiologist at our main campus. The two discussed the case by phone, annotating the images and achieving a comprehensive remote consultation. With WEB1000, this can happen anywhere - the physician's