Dalsa adds to scan camera line

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Dalsa has introduced two new multi-megapixel area scan cameras, the Pantera TF 6M8 and Pantera TF 11M4, which are based on TrueFrame image sensor technology.
The cameras offer a combination of high resolution, fast frame rate (up to 8.5 frames per second) and high dynamic range that are suited for electronics and flat-panel display inspection, non-destructive x-ray testing, biomedical and scientific imaging, aerial reconnaissance, microscopy and archiving applications.
When paired with the applicable x-ray to visible light conversion technology, the 6M8 and 11M4 cameras can be used in x-ray detection systems. Manufacturers of imaging systems incorporating these cameras for biomedical applications will be able to offer patients reduced x-ray exposure, compared with film technology, Dalsa said.