Data stolen from VA included active-duty personnel

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The reports from the VA seem to get worse and worse regarding the personal data — such as birth dates and social security numbers — that were stolen from the agency back on May 3rd. It now appears that highly personal information was stolen regarding 2.2 million active-duty military, National Guard, and Reserve personnel, the Boston Globe reports.

Over last weekend news broke that just 50,000 active-duty members had been affected. Of course, 50,000 would have been bad enough. Initial reports when this story first broke indicated that little information on active-duty personnel had been breached. Some active in the service are eligible to get VA benefits including the GI Bill educational assistance and a home loan program, the Globe reports.

Two veterans groups have thus far filed suits against the VA. The most recent of them was filed yesterday by a coalition of veterans’ groups that claim their privacy rights were compromised due to the data theft. The suit was filed in US District Court in Washington, the Globe reports.