DatCard files patent infringement suit against Codonics
DatCard sues over patented technology. Source: CDR Info  
DatCard Systems has filed suit in federal court to prevent Codonics from infringing its patent, U.S. Patent No. 7,302,164, which is directed to systems that distribute and record DICOM medical image data onto CDs or DVDs that can be read without specialized viewing software. The patent was awarded in November 2007.

The lawsuit alleges that Codonics has unlawfully included DatCard’s patented invention in its Virtua and Virtua XR products, without DatCard’s permission.  DatCard is seeking an injunction, damages for past infringement, and an award of attorneys’ fees against Codonics. 

DatCard told Health Imaging News that their legal council said there is nothing to disclose at this time.

Using the patented technology, the PacsCube and SmartLine products provide an alternative to conventional film-based systems for distributing medical image data to patients, physicians and other medical personnel. 

Codonics could not be reached for comment on the lawsuit.