Daylight integrates Quantum gain chip with laser system
Daylight Solutions, a manufacturer of molecular detection and imaging instruments, has integrated a Quantum Cascade semiconductor gain chip from ALPES lasers into its own patented tunable external-cavity laser (EC-QCL) system.

The result of the integration was the creation of a single frequency source that tuned across 275 wavenumbers, or 24 percent of the laser's center wavelength at 8.8um, according to the Poway, Calif.-based company.

The availability of miniature, broadly tunable lasers in the 4um to 12um spectrum enables hand-held sensors, which can be used in applications such as medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring and explosives detection.

Paul Larson, Daylight's president and COO, said that the extreme tunability “allows us to use a single, miniature laser source to scan across the entire spectrum of glucose, making non-invasive glucose monitoring that much closer to a commercial reality.”