Definiens (Booth 3672) is introducing a new image analysis application at RSNA that allows radiologists to analyze lymph nodes volumetrically and compare them over time. It will be commercially available in Europe in early 2009.

The technology enables radiologists to rapidly and accurately identify, analyze and track lymph nodes of interest, facilitating earlier detection of the metastatic spread of cancer, according to the company.

Unlike pixel-based technologies, Definiens Cognition Network Technology is context-based and examines objects in relationship to one another.  The technology emulates human cognitive processes to extract intelligence from images. In addition to supporting radiologists’ analysis of lymph nodes volumetrically over time, the Definiens application also enables standard analysis parameters required by RECIST and WHO in a consistent, fast and reproducible manner.  

Definiens says it is working on further products for intelligent image analysis solutions for cell- and tissue-based assays and medical imaging such as x-rays, CT and MRI scans.