DeJarnette announces three new products

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DeJarnette Research Systems Inc. this week released Ledger, a web-based, IHE conformant HIPAA logging and reporting tool for radiology department management.

Originally developed for DeJarnette's Radiance PACS offering, the company said the Ledger can be used with all PACS conforming to the IHE standard. Features include: logging and reporting of laser imager print jobs, logging and reporting of CD and DVD media burning and distribution, logging and reporting of web server-based image and report distribution, logging and reporting of PACS workstation image and report access, automated reporting and analysis of historical printing, media burning, web access and workstation activity using Microsoft Excel, and real-time monitoring and reporting of HIPAA relevant PACS activity.

DeJarnette also released version 2.0 of its dyseCT software. The upgraded software offers an improved segmentation algorithm, handling of neurological studies, improved handling of CT auto-send for some makes and models of scanners, automatic destination fail over and storage commit proxy capability, DeJarnette said.

DeJarnette also unveiled PACSware Migration Gateway 2.0. The Microsoft Windows-based toolkit supports the migration of PACS data, both images and reports, from a legacy PACS to a new PACS.

The toolkit now supports multiple migration strategies, including study-based migration, platter volume-based migration, priority RAID migration, pre-fetched based migration, ad-hoc migration and double pitch operation. DeJarnette said it also supports functionality, which allows for pre-migration worklists, migration scheduling to minimize interference with daily clinical operations, multi-migration engine operation to speed migration, DICOM data clean-up and data verification.

DeJarnette said all three products will be demonstrated at the 2004 Radiological Society of North America show, Nov. 28 - Dec. 3, in Chicago.