Del Medical goes green with medical imaging products
Del Global Technologies has produced the Del Load Center (DLC), the first of a new generation of green products that Del will be manufacturing and distributing for use in the general imaging, digital, chiropractic and veterinarian radiography markets. 
The DLC unifies the power supply for an entire radiographic diagnostic x-ray suite by connecting all equipment to a single source of power. The wall-mounted control panel power activates the DLC with a key switch to supply power to the entire x-ray system, according to Del.  

In addition to saving time, powering down the entire room when not in use for extended periods of time can be easily achieved, contributing to the energy efficiency of imaging facilities, the Franklin Park, Ill.-based company said.

“The DLC Load Center will reduce energy costs and create other efficiencies that are part of a trend to cut down on overall footprint and usage,” according to Joseph Flies, vice president of operations for the Del Medical Systems Group.