Delaware mandates all payors cover virtual colonoscopies
Beginning Dec. 1, all health insurance policies in the state of Delaware must include CT colonography (CTC) as an approved procedure for colorectal cancer screening.

Delaware Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin-Stewart announced the new mandate Oct. 29 in a bulletin sent to all health insurers issuing, delivering and renewing policies in the state. Her mandate followed the endorsement of the Delaware Cancer Consortium and Delaware's Secretary of Health and Social Services, Rita Landgraf.

The department said while consumers and their doctors may continue to choose the traditional sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy for colorectal screenings, some may find CTC a less invasive and less costly procedure.

"It is very important that at-risk people and those over the age of 50 get colorectal screenings," said Weldin-Stewart. "Many may find that the virtual colonoscopy is a procedure that overcomes the negative perceptions of what is involved in the traditional screening modalities."