Delft introduces new DR thoracic screening system
Delft Imaging Systems BV introduced its new Odelca-DR thorax screening system at RSNA 2006 in Chicago. Odelca-DR uses the well known Delft Imaging Systems’ scanning technique first introduced in the Amber system in 1990. The new fully digital thorax system, particularly suitable for screening purposes, is positioned as a complete thorax screening solution, including Rogan-Delft OnLine XS PACS archive and Rogan-Delft View Pro-X diagnostic station.

Rogan-Delft also introduced specialized orthopedic functionality as an add-on to the View Pro-X viewing solution or as a fully functional stand-alone software suite. It can be integrated in a third-party PACS environment. View Pro-X Ortho, developed in co-operation with orthopedic specialists, provides surgeons with advanced tools for selecting and monitoring implants.

With View Pro-X Auto Calibration, the surgeon is guided through the six mouse clicks’ measurement system. All you need to do is to adjust the reference lines on which the surgery will be based. The results of measurements are displayed in an Arthroplasty Report which gives surgeons graphical information on offset, distance to medial reference line, acetabular component of leg length, femoral component of leg length, leg length difference, and more.

Auto-templating for hip, knee, shoulder, elbow or hand is done by an independent selection of the acetabular cup implant and the femur stem implant. View Pro-X Ortho supports templates of all the main suppliers.

Automated and accurate detection of wear enables surgeons to assess the performance of the prosthesis over a period of time. The bi-dimensional method provides the distance and the wear angle in relation to the cup angle. Results of the measurements are stored in a DICOM structured report and can be consulted afterwards to evaluate the relative wearing over time. The free text field allows users to enter additional relevant data.

Meanwhile, Guido Geerts, president and CEO of Rogan-Delft, was awarded the 2006 CEO of the Year Award for Medical Imaging by Frost & Sullivan. Geerts has played a vital role in increasing Rogan-Delft’s global profile in medical imaging and has successfully consolidated its reputation for technological excellence in PACS.

“Mr. Geerts’ commitment to cement beneficial commercial and technical partnerships has been central to strengthening the company’s trusted OnLine XS PACS platform, which has served to facilitate entry into new markets,” notes Frost & Sullivan Medical Imaging Program Leader, Martin Bryant. “His risk-taking ability has propelled the company forward, reaping gains from entry into markets that represent high growth potential, but also possible instability.”