Dell to purchase Perot Systems
Dell has agreed to acquire computer services provider Perot Systems in a cash transaction worth $3.9 billion.

According to Perot Systems, the deal will position the expanded Dell for near- and long-term growth by:
  • Providing a broader range of IT services and solutions and optimizing how they’re delivered;
  • Extending the reach of Perot Systems’ capabilities, including in the most dynamic customer segments, around the world, and,
  • Supplying leading Dell computer systems to more Perot Systems customers.
The transaction could have major implications for the health information technology industry. Just last April the two companies formed a strategic alliance calling for joint delivery teams to provide fully integrated global IT solutions for potential clients such as hospitals, health systems, and individual doctors offices.

Perot Systems’ imminent purchase by Dell will provide more global opportunities for the company, said Ross Perot, Jr., Perot Systems chairman, in an interview Monday with CNBC.

“Half of the Perot Systems business today is healthcare,” said Perot, “and we’re in the middle of this huge healthcare revolution around the world. And being able to work with the Dell channel and the Dell sales force in 180 countries . . . gives the Perot product great reach around the world."

Perot mentioned that opportunities in healthcare extend far beyond the U.S.

“Every country around the world has to improve healthcare and has to improve healthcare efficiency,” Perot said, adding that Perot Systems has been “very active” in China, for example.

“It’s a massive industry and we at Perot are the experts at it, and now teamed up with Dell we have that firepower to be the dominant player in the world,” Perot said.

The transaction is expected to be completed in Dell’s November-January fiscal quarter.