Digital X-ray is Vision and Reality

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Image courtesy of Imaging Dynamics  

At RSNA 2007, vendors are offering the best features from DR and CR to help users get the most bang for their buck, whether those users are large medical centers or small physician practices. Systems that offer higher throughput and flexibility allow healthcare organizations a wider choice than ever before of x-ray equipment that can be tailored to their specific needs. Technological advances continue to mean lower dose, higher image quality and longer equipment life.

Vendors know that space, time and budgets are all being squeezed—so look for more compact, affordable equipment that offers flexible positioning, speedier throughput and further improvements in image quality. Look for more housings and attachments for easy integration into other diagnostic systems and other capabilities for better communication between systems and clinicians. User-friendly software, touchscreens and preview technology are just some of the features designed to let technologists get their job done while staying with the patient as much as possible.
RSNA 2007 promises a plethora of choices for anyone seeking cost-effective digital radiography equipment that considers the specific needs of facilities—from flexibility to space to throughput.


Agfa HealthCare (Booth 4106) is showcasing its computed radiography systems, featuring new portfolio additions. All Agfa HealthCare digitizers offer the NX touch-screen interface user station, the radiographer’s image identification and quality control tool, and seamlessly integrate with PACS, RIS and HIS that comply to current medical imaging standards. MUSICA2, Agfa Healthcare’s latest automated digital radiography image processing software, is now available for its entire CR solutions range.

Agfa’s multi-application, desktop CR 30-X provides clinicians with a high quality, efficient and economical analog to digital solution. Agfa HealthCare’s CR 35-X is a compact, highly versatile digitizer designed for decentralized CR environments.

The CR 35-X has three different image resolution modes. In combination with application-specific plates and cassettes, the CR 35-X supports a broad range of applications. Agfa HealthCare’s CR 85-X is a multi-user digitizer, featuring a unique 10 cassette drop-and-go buffer that eliminates waiting times and maximizes productivity. The system can support the imaging needs of at least three x-ray rooms, supporting efficiencies on both a cost and flexibility level. 

Agfa HealthCare’s advanced DX-S solution is a CR system with image quality, speed and flexibility that exceeds traditional CR solutions. The DX-S offers increased image quality and potential for x-ray patient dose reduction through the DirectriX needle-based detector technology.

Canon Medical Systems (Booth 3311) is showcasing its full line of DR sensors integrated with a wide range of x-ray systems. The Canon CXDI-50G DR system is light-weight and has a large imaging area (14-inches by 17-inches). This DR system is being shown integrated with the RadPro 40kw Mobile X-Ray System and GE AMX-4 Portable X-ray System, making it appropriate for bedside or post-operative procedures. Canon also is showing a Field Deployable Digital Radiography System (FDDRS) integrated with Canon’s CXDI-50G, and the RadPro Overhead Tube integrated with Canon’s full-size CXDI-40EG detector.

The Canon CXDI-40EG General DR system provides a large imaging area of 17-inches by 17-inches, and lets users capture desired anatomical views for both large and small format x-rays in portrait or landscape orientation without having to rotate the detector unit. This system can be retrofitted onto almost any new or existing bucky table, upright tilting wall stand, universal or ceiling suspended multi-positioning unit, according to the company.

Carestream Health (Booth 2513) is debuting two new computed radiography systems: the Kodak Directview Classic and Elite CR systems. These compact, floor-standing, single-cassette CR systems can help improve workflow, productivity and patient throughput. The systems offer a modular design, are significantly smaller than other Directview single-cassette systems and incorporate the latest generation of CR software from Carestream.

The company also is showing its newest DR platform, the Kodak Directview DR 9500 that has a ceiling-mounted U-arm that contains both a tube and detector to deliver unprecedented mobility and operational flexibility. This system easily moves around the patient to facilitate patient